Donate a Horse

Equine Free Lease

Think you have a horse appropriate for therapeutic riding? Fill out the trial horse application below! If your equine might be a good fit, a member of our team will contact you to arrange an evaluation.

Due to the size of our permanent herd and our needs as a non-profit, we prefer horses to have a retirement home to return to at the end of their therapy career. CKRH is only accepting applications for free-lease horses at this time.


What breed makes a good therapy horse?
Individual temperament and training play a significant role in a horse’s suitability for therapy work. Regardless of breed, a well-trained and patient horse is crucial for successful therapeutic interactions. Additionally, the horse’s health and soundness are essential in considering their suitability for our program.
What kind of horse are we looking for?

The horse should:

  • Be physically sound at walk, trot, and canter with no lameness issues or health concerns
  • Have a calm, gentle, and curious temperament 
  • Respond reliably to basic cues and commands 
  • Have excellent manners both on the ground and under saddle
  • Be comfortable with riders at different skill levels
  • Be adaptable to various environments, sounds, movements, or objects”
What care will my horse receive?
CKRH covers regular upkeep costs including feed, supplements, farrier, training, and medical services.

We are proud to receive assistance from the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and the Thoroughbred Charities of America for the care of our off the track Thoroughbreds. After their racing careers, these Thoroughbreds still have a will to work and a desire to feel needed. A second career as an equine assisted services horse provides the stimulation they need as they develop relationships with their clients. In many ways, equine assisted services benefit the Thoroughbreds just as much as the people they help.