Skills Assessment

  • Lesson Volunteers –participate in direct client services under the supervision of CKRH staff and instructors as Leaders or Side Walkers.
  • Equine Care Volunteers – assist with care and feeding of the horse by volunteering in the barn as Wranglers, Hay Crew, or a Ground Work Assistant.
  • Special Events Volunteers  - includes CKRH equine special events like Summer Camp, High Hope Steeplechase, Paul Frazer Memorial Horse Show, Pony Club Rally, Special Olympics, etc.
  • Fundraising Events & Admin Volunteers –there are several fundraisers throughout the year that need the help from creative and outgoing volunteers that may not be horse savvy. We also need volunteers that can come out and help with answering the phones and doing some light office work; filing, copies, create marketing materials, data entry, etc.

Contact Information:

PO BOX 13155
Lexington, KY 40583
Phone:859.231.7066 | Fax: 859.252.5016
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